Sunday, August 18, 2019

PUBG's new game mode is infectious

PUBG's new game mode is infectious

The Infection Mode is now rolling out to PUBG MOBILE and it lets players have fun playing like zombies. The gameplay requires ultimate player controls and shooting skills to win the matches.

Ever since 2019 began, PUBG Mobile players have been subjected to some exciting gameplay additions. The zombie mode has been the biggest addition this year, giving players a chance to leave the conventional battle royale experience and go for zombie hunting along with other players. The last update added the PVP mode which, in a lot of ways, is a blessing for PUBG fans looking to have a quick session. Now, with the latest update, there's a new gameplay mode and it revolves around zombies.
When the zombie mode, aka Survive Till dawn mode was introduced earlier this year, many players kept wondering whether they could play as zombies in the game and hunt down humans. As weird as it may sound, it is quite fun to shed the human skin and go all wild in attacking humans for a while. The PUBG team responded with the demand and now we have the Infection Mode. It's part of the EvoGround mode and after having spent some considerable time in it, this is the best thing that has ever happened to PUBG Mobile. Why? Find out.

Infection Mode in PUBG is seriously infectious

Last month, when the PVP mode came out, players were quite happy about it. It was (and still is) immensely addictive with its different approach to a battle royale shooter game. Now, with the Infection Mode, the game offers a fresh perspective to the concept of shooting zombie endlessly. Only this time, everyone is playing against human opponents.
The Survive the Dawn mode released AI zombies against human players and that was fun up to an extent. In the Infection Mode, you are playing against zombies controlled by humans. Hence, you can anticipate the levels of smartness that one has to face while fighting zombies.

And it's this very part that makes Infection Mode infectious. The game divides all the players in the match between zombies and defenders. This division happens randomly and once the match starts, you can either find yourself as part of the Zombies or the Defenders, i.e. humans with guns.
As Defenders, players will be armed with weapons and only have one task - shoot down the zombie opponents. Defenders get all the usual PUBG shooting aids that we are used to. However, when you play as a zombie, you don't carry firearms. Instead, all you have at your disposal are melee weapons and the good-old scratching the Defenders. The match offers three rounds in which the game will throw you in the random side.
Don't think that the zombies are out powered naturally. As a zombie, you have greater power in hitting the Defenders, causing maximum damage. Plus, zombies get a special boost for a limited time to inflict more damage to the opponents.
As for the Defenders, they have the usual weapons at their disposal. However, if you are doing really good at slaying zombies, your avatar will be upgraded to a kind of samurai equipped with a sword. This is where the field gets balanced - players now have similar weapons to fight each other.

While the weapons and techniques are for help, what amazed me the most was that all players, whether as zombies or defenders, became maniacs. It appears like a circus where everyone is armed to taste each other's life. Everyone is trying out their classic PUBG survival moves, i.e. jumping and shooting or sneaking past each other to survive the longest, that too in a limited space. Hence, I as a player had to really bring out my A-game to have a fair chance at winning. And this is why once you start playing the Infection Mode, it is hard to leave until you have nailed yourself a victory.

The new map adds into the experience quite a lot

The Infection Mode takes place in a new compact map and this is unlike any map we have seen in PUBG so far. There's no name to this map but at first glance, it is instantly reminiscent of the world from Assassins Creed. There are tall buildings positioned close to each other, giving players a lot of opportunities to use the heights to their advantage. The weather effects add to the zombie infestation theme but never does it take away from the overall gameplay experience. In fact, for creating a chaotic environment, this kind of map is just right.


With the Infection Mode, PUBG Mobile becomes more engaging than ever before. The ability to play both as a zombie and a human being in the same match is a fresh concept. Do remember that this new mode will test your PUBG skills to the limit and hence, unlike the PVP mode that's more casual in nature, this will require your attention to run around chasing humans as zombies or shoot the zombies attacking you from every side before you are turned into one. But if you are waiting for something new or are looking forward to getting back to PUBG after a long time, this might be just the right mode to do so.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

PUBG Season 4 brings a big update

PUBG Season 4 brings a big update to the battle royale’s

original map

The PUBG Corp. has revealed the updates coming to its battle royale shooter
when Season 4 launches on July 24 for PC (it will come out on consoles later
this summer and PUBG Mobile works off of a different update schedule).
Notably, Season 4 will bring the Erangel Visual Update. This will bring some
big cosmetic changes to PUBG’s original map. “The classic map now features
new building styles, more realistic scenery and terrain, and some change
areas within the map,” The PUBG Corp. explained in a press release sent
to GamesBeat.

PUBG Season 4.

PUBG had its official release for PC in 2017, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One,
and mobile versions following in 2018. Although Fortnite is the battle royale
king, PUBG is still a giant hit that has sold over 50 million copies.
These updates and new seasons are important for keeping their players
engaged and spending money. Season 4 also adds a new Survivor Pass
(PUBG’s take on the battle pass), called Aftermath. Working their way
through the pass will give players new cosmetic items.
You can the patch notes for the update here.

Monday, June 10, 2019

PUBG Mobile: More than a pro trick

PUBG Mobile: More than a pro trick

As exciting and addictive it is, PUBG Mobile is still one of the leading mobile games, especially in India. I have been an avid player and while I am not even close to being a professional, I have played the game long enough to get my basics right. Today I am going to list down some really obvious and simple tips that can help you improve your gameplay, specifically shooting down enemies. Now you might know some or even all of these, but for the ones who are new to the game, here are some tips.


Try aiming for the head when you are hunting down your enemy. This will not only knock down enemies faster but is an important stat to determine your overall rating in the game. Aiming for the head works best when you're using a bolt action single-shot gun like the Kar98K, M24 or the AWM. 


Load up on ammo even if you don’t have the gun you usually play with, you will probably get it later. Also, set the limit for how much ammo can be auto-picked for a certain weapon, this helps in keeping your inventory bag clutter free. Most importantly, when you pick up ammo from the ground, to get an extra round, just quickly pick up the gun and swap back to your original gun. By doing so, you are essentially taking out the bullets that were pre-loaded on the spawned gun. 

Probably the most annoying thing, but also the reason what makes PUBG a realistic game, is gun recoil. Controlling gun recoil can take a while, but if you can understand how each gun behaves, you will be able to land more bullets into your target. You can control recoil by using the various gun grips as well as a flash hider, compensator, and suppressor muzzle attachments. 

Don’t skip the attachments

This brings to the most important tip. You might have seen various gun attachments that you can pick up. There are a total of five categories including Sight, Muzzle, Magazine, Foregrip, and Stock, depending on what gun you use. Apart from picking up scopes and muzzle attachments, make sure you also pick up the rest as they are equally important in the overall performance of your gun. For instance, the Extended Mag increases your maximum clip count while a Quickdraw Extended Mag does the same but allows you to reload faster. 

Hip Fire

While scopes definitely extend the ability of your gun to shoot down enemies at a distance, I suggest you make use of hip firing in close combat. I have personally found it pretty helpful in a lot of situations and make sure you empty your entire clip and just thirst the enemy.

In the end, it is your skill that counts. You get to decide what gun(s) you use and how quick you are at locating the enemy and shooting them down. The best advice I can give is practice, observe and more practice.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Realy 5G in Bharat

Realy 5G in India

India’s 5G journey may well be afoot, finally. it's expected that the trials of the 5G networks can begin in around one hundred days, and therefore the auction of the 5G spectrum for mobile corporations ought to be completed before the top of the year. this can additionally place Bharat on the map of 5G countries. only in the near past, applied science extended the 5G network in several cities within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Vodafone United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has additionally confirmed that it'll turn on the 5G network in a Gregorian calendar month. Bharat might before long be part of the elite list of nations that has 5G networks if the timelines ordered out by the medium Minister Shankar Prasad ar followed for the method. however, the rollout is going to be easier aforesaid than tired Bharat since there are some unfinished problems that require to be addressed.

In August 2018, the medium administrative unit of Bharat (TRAI) had suggested that the Department of medium (DoT) ought to auction twenty megacycles per second (MHz) blocks within the three,300-3,600 rate spectrum band, that has been lined up for 5G, at a value of Rs 492 large integer per rate. Surely, these auctions can raise tons of revenue for the govt. to place this into perspective, the govt revenue was to the tune of Rs sixty-five,789 large integers once the newest spherical of spectrum auctions happened in 2017.

But, there looks to be some resistance from medium corporations. Airtel, for instance, could sit out the auctions if the bottom value doesn’t return down. "These costs are extortionate only if the state of the 5G scheme, remains emergent. So, we might hope that the govt brings down costs of the spectrum and reserve costs of the spectrum, which is that the stage we might look seriously at 5G," aforesaid Gopal Vittal, MD, and CEO, Bharat and South Asia, Bharti Airtel, aforesaid throughout the recent earnings decision. it's additionally been rumored that Vodafone-Idea Ltd. believes the 5G spectrum shouldn’t be auctioned before next year.

Then there's the little matter of the Chinese school company Huawei.
While the govt of Bharat has not taken a judgment on the matter, Huawei has urged the authorities to create a call on whether or not the corporate is going to be a neighborhood of the 5G rollout in Bharat. Huawei Bharat corporate executive, Jay subgenus Chen has reportedly aforesaid that this can be the proper time for the media department to create the choice. Huawei has been in shut engagement with the medium department for on the brink of eight months currently, one thing subgenus Chen believes was positive. medium Minister RS Prasad has already aforesaid that the department can take a final turn whether or not Huawei can participate within the 5G rollout. The backcloth for all this can be the ban on Huawei within the United States, for fears that the corporate will spy on world voters and therefore the shut proximity to the Chinese government.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The rumored about Motorola Moto Z4

The rumored about Motorola Moto Z4

According some rumour that Motorola Moto Z4 takes upcoming market through its killer look and features thats why Moto fan are now turning their attention into next upcoming Moto z4.And in looks like new handset that never comes from Motorola.Is this really killer look and features? So let's look some rumors that we received from some official-looking renders via tipster Evan Blass.

A image that was posted yesterday by Blass we can see in this image and confirmed that its comes with 3.5 mm headphone port with top-firing speakers which is unique from others device in market and even new concept rather than upcoming mobile device's and One more important is that it's confirmed that it's comes with USB-C type Charging port .

So let's know someone specification that os comes with this Motorola Moto Z4.Let's talk about it chipset it's comes with snapdragon 675 chipset, 48MP impressive rear camera and a 3,600mAh battery.So with this mid range chipset it won't be ultra premium flagship phones like Huawei P30 or Samsung S10 Plus.And one more things that we cannot see any fingerprint scanner back or side of this phone so it's comes with in display fingerprint sensor so it's quite good for users.One thing i really like that Moto Mode features, which is easily seeing those pins on the backside of this phone.what this you can easily transformed your phone into a moto insta-share projector, a 10x optical zoom phone or you can attach a incipio offGRID Power pack so you not need to carry your powerbank with you.

So it's for today about Motorola Moto Z4 and we will try to finding more information about this leak as soon as we gather more information we will update to you,thank you for reading this article.

Android 9 Pie (Go edition) VS New Updated OxygenOS

Android 9 Pie (Go edition) VS New Updated OxygenOS

Now a days a days we have more smart smooth and high quality device experience.But ever we understand what is the reason behind this.If you guess it's for OS than you right it's all about for OS who connect your fastest Hardware to your Software to give you out of the box experience.And day by day it's going more powerful by continue updating this OS. So today we will discuss about newly updated OxygenOS and so called new Android 9 Pie and  Which was more smoother experience gives to the users.So let's dig inside and we will devids this topic into 3 parts
          1.Features of Android 9 Pie (Go edition)
          2.Features of Oxygen OS
          3.Comparison and Conclusions

1.Features of Android 9 Pie (Go edition)

With this Android 9 Pie they aim to bring the latest Android improvements for more entry-level phone buyers.What is in this Android 9 Pie go edition
    .Upto an additional 500MB of storage available          out of the box.with fewer pre-installed and much lighter apps you get 2x more available storage.
    .Faster device boot time.It's possible because off brand new apps designed for lighter updates and downloads.
    .The ultimate account security from Google to protect your devices.
    .With a built-in data manager and more options to help you save.All new Peer-to-Peer file sharing, share your files and favorite content from anywhere using Files Go without impacting your data.

2.New in OxygenOS

OxygenOS is the powers of OnePlus phones and most amazing things is that it still frequently updated with New features and bugs fixes.In January 2, 2019 OnePlus 6 gets new security update, wi-fi improvements and many more.Hot on the heels of Android pie officially making its way to 5 and 5T and now they rolling out OxygenOS 9.0.3 for OnePlus 6 with a few small update.Including better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and huge Android security.
                 The camera update is most attractive to the users with better Nightscape and slow motion performance and also they improve image processing capabilities.And a interesting optimization for the sRGB display setting and reading mode.And for the Gamers they update New gaming mode 3.0 they added text notification mode and they added new notification mode for 3rd party calls.

So it was the overall features and new updates which can help your device for running more smoother and better experience.Now let's see the comparison and get a conclusion for Android 9 Pie vs OxygenOs.

3.Comparison and Conclusions

To make this comparison we have put side by side screen shots for more easier to understand.

Lock screen

Google removed quick actions from the lock screen in Android Pie. OnePlus, on the other hand, kept them. They aren’t customizable like they were in Oreo, but they’re still there, with one for launching the Google Assistant and one for launching the camera. The fingerprint icon is slightly larger on stock Android while on OxygenOS it’s smaller and matches the size of the quick actions. Another point to note is that the weather is not displayed on OxygenOS.


The launcher

After unlocking the phone, you get to the launcher. The stock launcher has a Google search bar below all the apps, whereas OxygenOS doesn’t. OxygenOS adds a space between the last and second-last row of apps that contains a slide-up icon. The stock launcher skips it for its gestures which we’re coming to in a bit.
When you long press an icon, you get notifications and app shortcuts on both. OxygenOS keeps options like remove, uninstall, edit, and app info followed by the notifications and then the app shortcuts (if there’s any room left). The stock launcher gives you the notifications and the app shortcuts, above which you can tap a button to get the app info. To remove, uninstall, or get to the app info, you have to drag the app icon to the top of the screen where their respective options are.
Stock Andriod


Pulling down the notification tray once reveals an almost similar, well, notification tray. Android Pie removed the settings shortcut, but OnePlus decided to keep it, along with the name of your carrier. OxygenOS also moved the “manage notifications” option to the right and replaced the “clear all” option with a floating button that’s on the bottom.
Stock Andriod

Overview screen

When you get to the overview screen, you’ll see that OxygenOS has done a much better job. On stock Android, a row of apps that Google thinks you’re most likely to use appear with the previews of the recently opened apps on top of it. OxygenOS skips it, but what’s its need anyway? Stock Android has the app’s icon on the top of the preview, but OxygenOS has the icon as well as the app’s name. OxygenOS does, however, round the corners a bit too much.
Stock Andriod

Gaming mode

OxygenOS also has gaming mode that can automatically turn on for apps. It can limit other apps’ network usage, disable automatic brightness, show notifications differently, and more. For notifications, it can either block them, show them heads up, or be text only. It can even route all incoming calls to speakers.
Heads-up notification

Text-only notification


OxygenOS does many things way better than stock Android does. While they have improved stock Android a lot, I think there are a few things they can still improve to make the experience even better. They could make split-screen easier to use, for example. Personally, I’m also not a fan of the UI changes like using the older icons and font. I really wish they change it: it’s the only thing that makes me dislike OxygenOS.
Don’t get me wrong: OxygenOS is really good, and I’d prefer it over stock Android anytime. However, in my opinion, they have the potential to make the experience even better than what it is currently. Isn’t their mantra “Never Settle” anyway?
OxygenOS makes a strong argument over stock Android and is, if not the best, one of the best Android skins on the market. OxygenOS beats stock Android in functionality, intuitiveness, and customizability while stock Android only gets an upper-edge in design. If they make the UI similar to stock Android, there’s no reason to consider stock Android over OxygenOS.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

OnePlus All Rumors and should you Buy This ?

OnePlus All Rumors and should you Buy This

We have seen numerous leaks the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, and the company giving some hints how it would be.So let's discuss some important features that would come in this two phone and after that we make a conclusion should you Buy This or not.

While the numbered phones are seen as true sequence like a normal variant like oneplus 5, oneplus 6 and also a T variant like OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6T right but now OnePlus brake this sequel.Now they will launch a normal variant like previous, that is OnePlus 7 and another version not 7T they named this OnePlus 7 Pro yes it's Pro variant.So let's discuss some specification in both variant


As rumors in OnePlus 7 has normal display as like 6T it will be Full HD display but the main attraction will be OnePlus 7 Pro’s display it will be 6.67 inch “Super Optic” display (presumably OLED to support in-display fingerprint sensor).In OnePlus 7 Pro also seen that its display Will be like Samsung Edge fully curved display in both sides with edge to edge display experience with 90 Hz refresh rate.

2.Chipset and Storage

This both variant comes with most powerful Snapdragon 855 chipset that means less power consumption high performance.In RAM management they divides two category one for normal OnePlus 7 which comes with 6GB and 8GB RAM and another for OnePlus 7 Pro where we can see 10GB or 12GB of RAM.And also according some rumors that Pro variant comes with 256GB storage capacity and the Norma OnePlus 7’s storage as like previous 6T model.


According this company posted a short video in Twitter showing a phone with three rear cameras at the end of this shot video you can see a hashtag “OnePlus7Pro” . That means this triple camera setup only in OnePlus 7 Pro variant.If we talk about Megapixels of this triple cameras it will 48MP+16MP+8MP with Sony IMX 586 image processor and the type of lenses will be Standard, UltraWide and Telephoto .It was rear camera but in front camera it will be pop-up selfie camera only in OnePlus 7 Pro but in normal OnePlus 7 camera position is in notch display and rear camera will be 16MP+20MP.According to their statements in camera section a huge improvement you all can see in this both phone.

4.Battery and Chargers
In this battery section we can rely on OnePlus because it's perfect and capacity is awesome.Similarly in this two models we can depend upon OnePlus .In Pro version we will see 4000 mAh or slightly higher capacity battery. But in normal OnePlus 7 have 3700 mAh battery capacity with 20 watt fast charging adapter and in OnePlus 7 Pro charger will be 40 watt fast charging support.

5.OnePlus 7 Price
It will be the main section for all of you right and for mine also if they gives you a lot but my wallet can't order me to grab that lot than what will be the means to know.So let's check would it breaks our piggy bank or not.We can expect the OnePlus 7 price at least $569, may be even slightly more.But for Pro model your wallet should be Pro too for OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB+256GB it will cost near about 749 euros and for 12GB+256GB cost will near about 819 euros.So what you think according to it's features this cast justified OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, let me know in comment.


So its features will be awesome as you can see in above.In every section it will attract you but you should make a decision would it justify its features according to its price and compared to another flagship phones available in this market.And last of all if your wallet allows you to make it than you should go for this it will be good choice.And another OnePlus 7 Pro 5G device coming which would much price.

So that it for today how was the article if you like it please comment me and let me know which upcoming gadgets you like to know from me, Thank you all.

PUBG's new game mode is infectious

PUBG's new game mode is infectious The Infection Mode is now rolling out to PUBG MOBILE and it lets players have fun playing ...