Sunday, February 24, 2019

Apex Legends takes the crown from other battle royal games

Apex Legends takes the crown from other battle royal games

Still you haven't heard of Apex Legends until now,it is you's loss as a GAMER.
This is the new battle roil game as like fortnite and this game was published by EA games.Most amazing ting for this game is it is "Free to play" for PS4,Xbox one and pc also.Apex legends has install 25 million in the first week after launch.Apex Legends is the most famous battle roil game till now mainly becouse of its incredible menu system and a incredible ping system makes this game enjoyable.

Being a free to play game it is effect their microtransactions.The game have apex coin for its microtransaction currency.But players should be able to unlock them with a few games in.And this game also have Loot box as like other games of EA ,in this game this loot box known as Apex Loot box and look like some alien space craft.

Lat's talk smoothing about in game style.In this game there are maximum 3 player in a squad and you have to choose any one character before start the game and most coolest feature that 3 team met have 3 different ability which is make different this game from other battle royal games.Unique abilities for each legend mean different play-styles within the game. You'll need to spend few games with each legend before you can narrow down your best fit. I would suggest starting off with Bangalore for your easy offensive style.

And the control system of this game is just like smooth.its not like other battle royal games clunky control system.Movement of your legends is like EA's FPS games like BF3 and other EA's it is a short description about this Apex Legends game.if you still not playing this game just check it out i am sure you going addicted in this game.

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