Monday, February 25, 2019

Intel's iris plus Graphics 940 iGpu performance leaked

     Intel's iris plus Graphics 940 iGpu    performance leaked

igpu (integrated graphics processing unit) most important role in your computing.Mainly iGPU helps to displaying text,image and vedio in verious resoulations and transfar the graphics information to the other out put device like monitor or projector via DVI,HDMI and display port.

         At that time intel improving it's iGPU known as iris plus Graphics 940 iGPU.Stil this is not release on market but their upcoming GPU expected to be lunched in 2020 with intel's 11th Gen processer.this chips are design as a 1 tera FLOPS (TFLOPS) computer system which is capable of performing one trillion (10^12) floating point operations per second.The rate 1TFLOPs is equivlent to 1000 GTFLOPs.

          Intel's upcoming 11th Gen Processor's will feature a new 3D pipeline with 64 execution unit(GT2).it is more 40 GT2 unit than 9 Gen processors and intel also feature 3MB L3 cache with twice FP16 rate.The leaked 11th Gen processors performance is showing in you can see that it gives more 113.03% change in performance the previous gen processor in PLU2 test.Even we can see that recently realese AMD's Ryzen series processor which is best till now will gona fail.But ryzan with Vega 11 is gives more overall performance than intel iris plus Graphics 940 iGPU performance.

    So this is the story about the intel's leaked ires plus graphics 940 iGpu performance and may intel will improve its 11th Gen processor iGpu Vega 11 what you think let me know in comment section.

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