Monday, February 25, 2019



Hello friends today we will discuss about a new gun update in Free Fire.This is a new update which will might be in March 2019.this gun name is "M1928 THOMPSON".And mainly this gun use SMG ammo that mean this is 

SMG type gun.Let's go see some feature of this new gun "THOMPSON"....

               1. It is an SMG gun so it's gives dmage like 22-25.

               2. Rate of fire will be like P90.

               3. And most important it's range,it's range will MP40.
                   I think you all know MP40 is maximum used SMG gun in
                   Free Fire as smg gun for close range gun.for those player 
                   who like MP40 they also like this THOMPSON smg gun.

               4. No. of bullet at the first time in magazine is you can
                 attach extra magazine in it,mean level 1,2 or 3 magazine.

               5. It's reload time will be 1-2 sec.

               6. In this smg gun accuracy will be below average,so after extra                            attachment like foregriph,bipod etc and its accuracy will increase                      amazing.

So,this are main features may will see in NEW GUN "THOMPSON".and the main feature can see in the what you say this gun feet with your shooting style let me know in comment section.see you soon in next exciting Gaming Updates and still who are not playing this you will miss some exciting action gameplay. 

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