Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Preview any Game in Steam for free

Preview any Game in Steam for free

So today we will discourse about "Preview any Game in Steam for free".Why this topic,lets discourse some reasons why? most of the top games have average or mixed reviews in Steam.Suppose you see a positive or mixed review game in steam and you decided to buy it and after playing if you realize that this game is not your type then it was a loss deal right.If there are any feature like "Try it before buy it".So, lets go how you can preview any game freely in Steam.
1.Buy that game and then refund

Yes guys it is now possible you can refund your money even after buying a game from steam.Steam currently has a refund policy that all ours players to refund games if the experience is not good that they expected.this refund process will go's some automated process.But for this you have to fulfill three important criteria
     1. you must requested within 14 days of purchase.
     2. You have to refund that game less than 2 hour play.that mean you have 2           hour to review your game.
     3. 3rd most important that you have to buy this game from Steam                         only.can't refund if you purchase from outside of steam.

with this process all of you able to review your any purchase game that you like.If you purchase a game with steam wallet
then the refund value only go into your steam wallet, not your card or payple or other account.If you not aware how can you
do this refund process follow below steps-
     .Click Account Details
     .next click view purchase history
     .Locate the game which you like to refund
     .Then click "i would like to refund" button
steam refund policy requested within 14 days of purchase and has been played for less than 2 hours game play time,then you will able to refund instantly if not you have to submit a request for refund.

2.Watch the game in Twitch

The next method which you all know that watch the gameplay on twitch or youtube and then decided to buy whether you buy or not.but before you buy you have to must check the system requirements because most of the streamer have high end PCs.And if you not need that money on your steam wallet then you have to wait our next article that is "How make real money via Digital item like ingame skins".Thank you for giveing time to read this article.

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