Wednesday, February 20, 2019

PUBG Mobile Zombies mode: Tips and Trick

PUBG Mobile Zombies mode: Tips and Trick

the PUBG Mobile Zombies mode is not something that even a professional player will find easy to survive through and since it features a new game play and challenge, here are some quick tips and trikes for beginner and pros on how you can survive through the night while playing in PUBG Mobile Zombies mode.

   1.I am not so pro in PUBG Mobile but my 1st strategy will be a Search for Vehicles  Use the vehicle to block the entrance to the building.this will prevent zombies to enter your safe circle.


   2.Another strategy may be searching for 8X scope.that will help you to keep safe distance from those zombies and other big boss zombies.

   3.The most and safest spot to hide place above the R.P.D building.go top of the rpd building you will safe from zombies and other get up in the rpd building see the images.


4. Zombies can be killed with bullets. However, once night falls down, they spawn from everywhere. Once you are penned in by this attack, it is vital to use your ammo sparingly. Aim for headshots to eliminate them as quickly as you can and save the ammo for the onslaught until dawn and stay away from zombies toxic attack.

   5.The Zombies that will appear on the second night would be more difficult to deal with than the first one.Try and stock up with all kind of zombie repellents available and stay together.

I hope this article will help you in PUBG Zombie mode.and let me know in comment section if another tips and trikes you have.THANK you all.


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