Thursday, February 28, 2019

PUBG Mobile:Top 5 vehicles who save your life

PUBG Mobile:Top 5 vehicles who save your life

Now a days PUBG Mobile is the most popular game in the world.this PUBG mobile cross 100+ million install around the world.At that time some tips and tricks on this game, gives you a different name like pro players.After the Zombie update then  other mobile games.If you want to know some tips and tricks check out my post about PUBG Zombie tips and tricks . So lets go discuss about top 5 vehicles who help you to save your life and get chicken dinner.

Buggy : 

This is the best vehicles in PUBG for solo rider.Because it is less weight for its body structure and gives you good amount of speed.This buggy also has metal back seat which protects you if some one firing from your back.That mean it's difficult to hit the buggy this is generally safe car,When you are in the PUBG field search for a buggy to get some chicken dinner.

UAZ : 

UAZ is a very good choice when your team mates follow you.that means in a 4 groups of a team .it is more safety car where all of you 4 stay together. This vehicle is enough power to smash enemy vehicles even you can shot from the car and this vehicles also durable for off-roading. 

Pickup :

All of you know this famous pickup car it is equivalent as UAZ. This UAZ and pickup cars both here same top specs and important about this vehicle is that it can climb hill start even on fairly steep inclines.        similarly it is suitable for 4 squad team with good safety.

Van : 

This van was introduced in Miramar Map. Which is more famous map for PUBG you can see this vehicle here and there in this map this van is a six-seat vehicle and Most important is that this vehicle have highest HP from other car in their game.But its speed is her also less also others.Vehicles because of its large capacity so you can use your tactic positioning .I guess all of you know about this tactic.

Motorcycle :

Really this motorcycle is more tactical vehicle than any other vehicle present in PUBG Mobile.even you can make stunts with Motorcycle.speed is the main protection it provide. rather then no safety in this vehicles. i think this Motorcycle is less use in this game.
         So here is the top 5 vehicles Pros and Cons which one is your favourite let me know in comment section. 

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