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Top 10 Pro Tips For New Bloggers

Top 10 Pro Tips For New  Bloggers

If you are just think to start a blog then you are in right place to get some ideas,it’s not just ideas it’s top 10 pro tips for new blogger who just thinking to start their career as a full time Blogger.There are many resources on market and Internet also but it is difficult to go through all of them one by one so here some popular tips which is followed by some pro bloggers.So, let’s get started…

1.Use a online platform

There are millions of online platform where you can blog on, but pro always follow two best platform like Google Blogspot and Wordpress.In 2019 wordpress is famous platform You can use and it is so easy to use for beginners.First 4th to 6th month you not need to buy any Domain and Hosting and after that you may proceed with you blogging website.

2.Find a topic

I swear this is the main part of your blogging journey.It is too hard to find your Niche topic  or May be it is too easy to find your topic.why i am saying like that because when you search for a profitable niches topics you will found there are tons of search result and  I am sure about you will lost on it.And one more way where you can lost in YouTube By seeing an interview or some article where some xyz blogger making 5000$/month by his/her Technology blog or SEO blog or some amazing field ,and you get charged up and you also start their topic.But really this is not work for you or may work for you because it is depend on your interest of field .so,choose a topic on which you pacene about and also search that is there any feature ?, can i help other with this?, and lastly think about how can i earn from it? .


3rd most important tips for new bloggers is that as much as you can Experiment.What that i mean to say you all - after finding your niche topic write it down in your notebook and google it you can find millions of information out their.so you don’t need to go through all of them just read top 5 article and experiment what they mean to say about that topic, note down some points and think on it what points must be in it.How can you represent this topic differently in your readers and remind, it can easily be understood.As you know in blogging “Content is the King” so make it unique.

4.Have a good reason “WHY”

Figure out from the starting why you are starting blogging.It’s just making money from it or you have to help other from this.One important thing is that “People don’t want your 2 to 3 pages article , they want is there any help that they get from your article or not”.So clear your mind set to help other with your knowledge.Always make a connection between you and readers.


One of the most important thing in your blogging not only in your blogging but also in your life, consistency is the way to get success.In this field you have to be patient  to got success.Post 1 to 3 article in 3 day mean one article each which would be unique and informative which makes different from other blog.most of the blogger give up after 3 to 4 month when get no sufficient income in it .But i am sure about this that after 6 month you will see what are you doing past 5 to 6 month.so you have to be consistency in it and be patient.

6.build your Audience

Once your blog is live you need to work for building your audience.that means hoe can you convert up your traffic to your regular fan.Frankly saying that it will takes a time to create your fan.you have to share your work regularly in to your social media platform even if it feels like that you are shouting into a busy road where no one can hear you.

7.link your own article  

There is a another method to stick people into your helpful blog.that mean link some article to some other article like this”you should check out this” i think you understand what i am trying to saying. 

8.Compare your work

I think that every creative person compare their work to others. And it is essential to create a unique and helpful article from other in the same topic.How differently and smartly represented your work to your readers. And also keep in mind that try not to worry about what other doing always learn from other whor master in your field.

9.Stay get in touch with other blogger

Network is the other important part of your growth in any industry.So get in touch with other blogger.read out their article, comment on it send them e-mail to get some help treat them as a teacher, or as a friend.

10.Last but not the least-but wait where is the point heading.I think “Love what you do” not need any heading.

Don’t Chase The 
Doller.You will never
Catch it.Money is never
Enough and it shouldn’t be 
Your goal”


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