Monday, March 25, 2019

20 years Boy died after playing PUBG Mobile

 20 years Boys died after playing PUBG Mobile

Again a 20 year Boys died after playing PUBG Mobile . According to a news that the boy playing This PUBG game continuously 45 day after that he feels pain on his Nick and goes unconscious .After an hour his parent found his as unconscious After that his parent admitted his in a local Hospital . but doctors couldn't shave his life .

         This boy from telangana according from his friends and family this boy use to playing PUBG game from last 45 days . So what you want to say ,how much PUBG is addictive for our youth even they hampering their life for this game . Not only this money more dangerous case's happened for this game . A minister from India said that this game is a monster for every house. By continuously playing this game.They lost their mind, their feature even their family .In last week a boy froe punjab he stole his father ATM card and withdraw 80k INR for this PUBG mobile game.

             After getting this news PUBG taking an action to avoiding ban from India .They restricted this game for playing 6 hrs a day. But according some PUBG players they said after playing 30 min they got block to play PUBG mobile.What you think  is this game really a monster for every hours.Let me know in comment section .

           Some of my friend says that they have many account to play this PUBG game after getting one account ban they just simply open their another account to play their PUBG game.That means from each account only 6hr play time but from 2 account it will be 12 hr a day so there is no ban to play PUBG .I think Indian govt. should another steps for their type of dangerous types of gamers .

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