Thursday, March 28, 2019

Apple launch own Video game streaming service “Apple Arcade”

Apple launch own Video game streaming service “Apple Arcade”

Apple now step into a new zone of video game streaming service as you can see that after year and year gaming industry will grow extremely mind of gamers help Apple now lunch their gaming streaming service known as “Apple Arcade”.

          Just like PlayStation,Xbox and newly launched google streaming service Apple Arcade will offer thousands of games to play for gamers to stream through their own platform.For that they deals will several well known partners like Konami,Disney,Cartoon Network,Platinum Games,Sega and many more.Not only in gaming side Apple surprise us with their newly announced Apple Tv Plus where you can see your favorite Tv shows. An amazing things about that if you in vacation there also you can enjoy this service in offline mode also without any interruption.

          Although at that moment they yet not publish how much you have to pay for this Apple Tv and Apple Arcade.As like Apple smartphone and tablet this subscription services will get a new market in feature.what you think this apple live streaming service can take a market over other streaming services.

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