Saturday, March 16, 2019

Battlefield 5 firestorm : New battlefield Mode

 Battlefield 5 firestorm : New battlefield Mode

EA sport has been decided to launch their all new battle Royal mode
on Battlefield 5 , they named it Battlefield  5 firestorm . seriously guys
this game will go high , it just awesome after the watching at this trailer
i love this game and waiting for officially release . I am suggesting just
watch that trailer and then read this article's what is

the main features on this Battlefield 5 firestorm . Take a look
below for the trailer. Just as in other battle Royal games like PUBG , Fortnite and Apex , Legends .
You can play Solos, Duos or squad .Similarly other battle royal game
you have to jump from a plane then find for guns and survive till end.
And most most amazing thing in this game is it's zone decreasing
style it is a firestorm just looking awesome as you can see in the
trailer.Previously EA sport said that in this Battle Royal mode will
support upto 64 Players.

             Another EA publisher battle r5 game Apex Legends which
was launched earlier February ,that was a great response from players
side. And this game was developed by Titanfall , Respawn Entertainment .
But this Battlefield 5 Firestorm was developed by Criterion who was
developed a well known gaming series “Need for Speed”.
            Let's talk about it's graphics , as you can see in trailer it's graphics
is awesome and realistic  looks. Environmental graphics appears just great.
According to me gaming requirements is just slightly higher than Apex Legends ,
what you think let me know in comment section.Especially that ring of firestorm
looks great overall the graphics will be just fantastic. Another thing as per trailer
i think you can use helicopter type vehicle in this game, that is cool right? .

            The main thing is that when it will be release? so it will going to release on March 20
and you can buy it from Steam.

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