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Best Budget GPU in 2019

Best Budget GPU in 2019

Graphic card is the most important component in your PC.All the gamer know that what is the pathetic seen happen when your FPS goes down.Today i will help you to choose right graphics card for your wallet.
             So let's get started our most powerful  budget GPU in 2019.

1.Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 Ti :

This is the most powerful slightly high in price but it won't empty your wallet.This Graphic card won the Award in NVIDIA Turing architecture which will bet the new GTX 1070.Let's see full specification
      GPU Engine spec. :-
NVIDIA CUDA core.      - 1536
Boost Clock.                  - 1770 MHz
Base Clock.                   - 1500 MHz

     Display support  :-
           Maximum support.        - 7680 x 4320                                            
           Display connector         - HDMI 2.0b   
           Multiple Monitors.         - Yes
      Memory specs.   :-
           Memory speed.             - 6000
           Memory size.                 - 6GB GDDR6
           Memory interface.         - 192-bit
           Memory bandwidth.       - 288 (GB/Sec)

     Technology support. :-
           Game ready drivers.      - Yes
           Microsoft Directx 12.      - Yes
           GPU boost.                  - Yes
    Thermal and power supply  :-
           Maximum GPU temp.     - 95˙C
           Graphic card power.       - 120 Watt
           Recommended system.  - 450 Watt
So, it is an amazing full of features as you can see.It's price near 25k INR.for more detail please check below link on Amazon.

2.Geforce GTX 1060 :

It will our next amazing gpu in its performance or even in price wise.Let's see what's inside.

     GPU Engine spec.  :-
             CIDA Core           - 1152
             Core clock.             - 1506 MHz
             Boost Clock.           - 1708 mHz
  Display support.    :-
            Maximum resolution.  - 7680 x 4320
            Display connection.    - 1 HDMI,
                                                     Dual-link DVI
            Multiple Monitors.       - Yes

  Memory specs.     :-
            Memory speed.          - 8008 Hz
            Memory bandwidth.   - 288 (GB/sec)
            Memory size.            - 3GB/6GB GDD5
            Memory interface.     - 128-bit
  Technology support.  :-
            VR ready.              - Yes
            GPU Boost.            - Yes
            Microsoft Directx 12  - Yes

   Thermal and power supply.  :-
            Maximum gpu temp.   - 95˙C
            Graphic card power.    - 120 Watt
            Recommended system power.  - 450 Watt
Now let's talk about the main thing that is ia around 19,939 INR in Amazon.for more information check link below.

3.GTX 1050 Ti OC  :

 This is the beast at lowest budget gpu.It's price in INR 15,900.So let's check its specification and I'm sure that no other GPU gives that performance.

   GPU Engine spec.  :-
               NVIDIA CUDA    - 768
              Boost Clock.          - 1506 MHz
              core clock.            - 1392 MHz

  Display support.  :-
              Maximum Resolution.  - 7680 x 4320
              Display connection.     - 1HDMI
                                                      Dual-link DVI
              Multiple Monitors.        - Yes

   Memory specs  :-
              Memory speed        - 7000 MHz
              Memory size.          - 4GB GDDR5
              Memory bandwidth.   - 112 (GB/sec)
              Memory interface.      - 128-bit

  Technology support  :-
              VR ready.           - Yes
              Microsoft Directx 12 -  Yes
              GPU Boost.         - Yes
Thermal and power supply. :-
             Maximum gpu temp.  - 97˙C
             Graphic card power.  - 75 Watt
             Recommended system power. -  300 Watt

you can check it more in giving link .

So, that's all this 3 are the best and powerful GPU with budget price.and let me in comment whin fit for your wallet .

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