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Apex Legends Best Graphics setting to increase FPS

Best Graphics setting for Apex Legends to increase FPS

Apex Legends is the most famous battle royal game in 2019 and it cross around 50 million users all over the world.That means gamers going crazy about Apex Legends even they try to run this amazing graphics game into their mid range hardware.At that situation i am providing some idea how you can run this game even you have mid range laptop or pc.

Apex Legends was build with the help of Valve's Source Engine that why you can easily configure your settings for maximize your gaming performance.For GTX 1060 6GB and RTX 580 8GB it's gives around 100-120 FPS at 1080p with minimum setting.If the setting turned into high FPS goes down to 70-80 fps which is also smooth gameplay if you bump up the setting upto 4k the fps will goes down to 30 fps .So let's see some tricks how we can play smoothly by dropdown some setting.
        There are no presets available, it is good news for those who have mid range all setting you can manually adjusted.There are 15 settings you can adjust for maximize your performance.

1.Display Mode :- If you go on video setting  you can see this display mode from where you can adjust if you want to play this game as a footing window or in full screen mode.According to me it remain on full screen mode but this game it represents as “Borderless window”.It doesn't effect too much to improve your gaming performance.

2.Aspect Ratio :- By changing this setting you can see some FPS will added to your gameplay.If you change it to 4:9 aspect ratio it will increase your smoothness but it's appears odd.

3.Resolution :- Again if you change it from Apex Legends video setting it will affect your smoothness. There are 7 different types of resolutions.set it to 1366x768 for mid range GPU that means 9th series GPU from Nvidia. If you have 10th series GPU then 1080p is best viewing experience for you.

4.V-Sync :- This is the another setting you can find it on advance video setting in video setting Tab.For best performance turned it off, that's mean set into Disable mode.

5.Anti-aliasing :- In this setting option you found only two options that is none and TSAA (temporal AA). I am sure all of you know about anti-aliasing so set it to None to increase upto 3% in performance.

6.Texture Streaming Budget :- It's name will going to confuse you with the addition of streaming word. But it's just appears to be texture quality. you can set this between None to Insane. It just dropdown to “None” for more performance. By setting it into “None” it will increase about 7 to 8 percent to your performance.

7.Texture Filtering :- As the name suggests , it is the setting for filtering your gaming texture.If you turned it “ON” mode that means it will use some percentage of your GPU for processing the texture quality of your graphics followed by texture streaming Budget setting. According to my opinion turned it to “Biliner” to prevent extra usage of your GPU and also improve by 5 to 6 percent.

8.Ambient Occlusion Quality :- This is the most important setting among all the other setting by changing this you can really feel the smoothness of gaming performance.If you set it to high that means each and every detail of your scene will process for max. quality of set it “Disable” for improvement upto 16 percent performance.

9.Sun Shadow Detail :- This setting mainly use to show the shadow of the object present into your frame. Just set it to “Low” for improving smoothness.

10.Spot Shadow Detail :- It is similar like sun shadow detail ,so just “Disable” for boosting frame rate by around 2 to 3 percent.

11.Volumetric Lighting :- Volumetric lighting means that the sunbeam which comes from sun or any type of light source which spread light beam.if you turned it on it looks realistic ingame just “Disable” it.

12.Model Details :- It's just each and every detail of the object or model shown in your frame it includes environment around you and your character model.For more smoothness just drop down it into “Low”.

13.Effect Detail :- As from the name you can guess it what it means. It means just visual effects like explosions,gunfire,smoke around you of shield around you.set it to “Low”.

14.Impact Marks :-This is the control where and how many bullets marks shows's not so important, impact marks can easily be render by GPUs.

15.Ragdolls :- Again this is one of the most important setting by adjusting it we will can get some extra FPS to your's just basically control the position of each animation body with respect to each fraction of time.which is more difficult to say in a minute.According to them, these is CPU loaded means for processing such type of action CPU is the main component.Just set it ti “Low” for more fps .

            That's all open your Apex Legends and do this setting i can surely say that you will get upto 60 fps.

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