Thursday, March 14, 2019

ESL Mobile Open for PUBG Mobile,COC and Asphalt 9 :Legends

ESL Mobile Open for PUBG Mobile,COC and Asphalt 9 :Legends

I think you all know about what is ESL.ESL is the largest esport company hosted a major esport tournament on regular basis.ESL founded on 2000 and it is known for it's high quality video game tournaments throughout the world.Most recently ESL organized one big tournament on the month of February and March 2019 at Katowice Poland.

           ESL and AT&A  introducing a Mobile Open for PUBG Mobile , Asphalt 9 : Legends and Clash of Clans. This ESL will based on United States and completely focused on Mobile devices.It also announced that this ESL Open will run in Three seasons throughout the Year.First season is kicking of on 18 March 2019.and again each season will divide into Three Phases.All qualifier round will be going for four weeks then best of best Team will fight for Grand Final which will be broadcasted by ESL all over the world. For PUBG Mobile it will consider 4 Players in a Team similarly for Clash of Clans will based on teamwork but for the Asphalt 9 : Legends it will based on individual players mode and the top four players will fight in final.

       Here is not the end the best players will an opportunity to participate in Dreamhack Dallas , Dreamhack Atlanta and ESL what are you waiting for ? go get your registration for ESL Mobile Tournament from March 18 2019.


Game.           Qualifier prize             Season prize

PUBG.         top 80 team will receive        $53,000
Mobile.        Prizes and top 10 team
                 Will fight for final.

Asphalt 9.   Top 64 players will receive    $13,000
                   Prizes and top 4 players
                  will fight for Grand Final.

Clash of.     Top 80 team will receive        $39,000
Clans.         Prizes top 2 teams will go

                  for final

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