Monday, March 4, 2019

External GPU for Laptops

External GPU for Laptops

Now a days GPU cost going decrease so that it is the main time
to upgrade your laptop's into a gaming beasts without RIP your
wallet.If you have any laptop you can upgrade your external
GPU.Now you think that it cost alot but it's too low as your one
month pocket money.and it's not so hard you can do it in your
own just have to follow this steps.

         First of all you need a laptop opener screw drivers by
which you have to open your laptop.and find out for WiFi adapter.
It's looks like this image.

        After find this you have notice that which type of WiFi
interface you have.It's MINI PCI-E interface or NGFE interface
or if you have Express Card interface .If you have Express Card
as like image below then you not need to open your laptop.All
of this 3 interface looks like below images so you can clearly
defected which type of interface you have.

       Now,if your laptop have PCI-E or NGFE or Express card
interface than you have to buy GDC Dock, through which you
have to connect your laptop and Graphics card.Secondly you
have to buy a power supply through which you have to supply
power to your dock and Graphics card.minimum 500 watt power
supply  requires.and your main component Graphic card which
you have to buy.mostly you have to choose which graphics card
will support in your dock.mainly 9th series gtx graphics card
like GTX 960,GTX 970,780 Ti and also 10th series card work
with this dock.

         Before connect your interface cable you have to remove
WiFi modem from your laptop. and then connect that mini pci-e
or ngfe interface at that WiFi adapter port.and then connect other
end with your GDC Dock HDMI port.Now connect your power
supply to your dock with 8 pin connector as shown in image.
Note that your graphics card required more power so connect your
6 pin power cord from your power supply to the graphics card.

        And next connect your power supply to current and then
turn on the laptop and open BIOS by pressing F2 or F8 key, it
will vary model to model.and then go to Boot Tab and deactive
PEX Boot to LAN then save it and restart your laptop .Now
install Graphics driver from their official website then again
restart your laptop and then you have to do as shown in image
as below.after that your notice that your laptop working with
your graphics card.

       Now you can play your new favorite games on your laptop
with external GPU.Let's see how much cost it will…
     1 GDC Dock                    - 4399 INR
     1 power supply.               - 2729 INR
     1 GTX 1050 ti                  - 14000 INR
So let me know in comment section is it work for you or not,
thank you all.

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