Thursday, March 7, 2019

Free fire Carnival special Rewards

Free fire : Carnival Special Rewards

Again free fire publish a new notice for their games.In their notice they
clearly said that pre registers will get curnival callsign.On 9th March 2019
you have to login they will gives you a Carnival Avatar and Vivid Dream
mask for 3 day.

         I think this will be the gift from Free Fire to their all users.Laterally
this Dream Mask is awesome as you  can see on the image. On the same
day they will gives a new Zombie 2.0 Update. And in this ongoing carnival
Free fire announce a new Diamond features watch their add and earn upto
10 Diamond per day and then spin it for amazing reward on Jackpot Parade.


       So if you won something amazing reward from Spain let me know in
comment thank you all.

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