Thursday, March 14, 2019

Holi event on Free Fire

Holi event on Free Fire

All of you know that this Free Fire is one of the most famous game around the world near about 100 Million users is play this game.
           So today Garena Free Fire gives an update regarding Holi in India.It is the first time that some game company will decide like this type of Indian, let's check it out what is inside this update.

1.This update will work on 14 March to 21 March.In this period you have to collect Balloons and exchange this balloons with exciting ingame skin.They give you 2 balloons in every day login and a silver box.

2. Garena distributed this balloons like this par day basis.
       1 Rank game (solo)             - x1 Balloon
       1 Rank game (Squad)         - x1 Balloon
       1 Barmuda classic (solo)     - x1 Balloon
       7 matches/Day                     - x2 Balloon

3.Another good news is that no Rank drop on 21st March.

4.They also gives an opportunity for those who like to buy amazing clothes bundle .
Garena gives 50% discount on their Incubator section.

Balloon exchange calculation:

Balloon per day login.                = 2
1 solo rank game.                      = 1
1 squad rank game                    = 1
1 solo classic                             = 1
7 match / Day                          = 2

total no of balloons/day                7

and this event going on from 14 to 21 March means 8 day then total balloons will be 7x8=56.with this 56 balloons you can exchange either Screamer Mask with 30 balloons or FAMS moonwalk loot crate with 40 balloons for 10 crete.My suggestion will be go for Screamer Mask which will be permanent but if you open FAMS crate you may or may not get this FAMS skin for permanent.And they also give some update about diamond recharge and room card.

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