Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Microsoft Notifying users about End of Windows 7

Microsoft Notifying users about End of Windows 7

All good things must come to end,even
Windows 7.After a long journey finally
Windows 7 goin RIP.But you can keep
the good times rolling by moving to Windows
10.This might be bad news for Windows 7
users that Microsoft rolling out a notification
to their Windows 7 users that they no longer
gives any support and update about
Windows 7 operating system.Almost about
10 years of serving , in January 14 2020
will be the last date for running Windows 7.

             This month they rolling out a
notification about an update and where
they said about the end of Windows 7.If your
Windows 7 update options is off then go
turned it on to get this notification.They
gives an update recently after this update
an Window appears where gives an
option to select the “do not reminder
again”  to stop time and time popup a
message about rolling out Windows 7.

           The main reason behind this
rolling out Windows 7 may be Microsoft
wants to use their users to use their new
operating systems like Windows 8,
Windows 10 .According to a survey
their is a ratio of 60-40 users for Windows 7
and newly released Operating Systems.

           After this update i think Windows 10
will get boost up further.Windows 10 is now
running on more than 90 million devices.what
you think about this update let me know in
comment section.thank you for giving me
some time to readout this article.

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