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Mobile Gaming Trends we expect to see in 2019

Mobile Gaming Trends we expect to see in 2019

From the last year that means in 2018 the mobile games industry is a $138 billions earning last year.To get more billions the game developers will continue the tends of 2018.To continue this all game developers focusing on Mobile Gaming.So with that in mind let's explore trends are likely to show up.
         So if we notice at a glance in 2018 battle Royal is the king of gaming even in mobile and also in pc gaming.How and why developers are creating mobile games that looks like console game or pc game.According to a news 30% of pc gamers switch from pc platform to mobile gaming because of more flexible to play games from anywhere even if you in vacation or travel.Do let's see mobile gaming trends we expect to see in 2019.

      Console Quality Gaming -

Day by day mobile game developers concentrate into mobile gaming to give gamers alike console experience gaming with high quality graphics.If you notice every pc game developers make games also for Mobile as like PUBG pc and PUBG Mobile,Fortnite pc and fortnite mobile,Apex Legends pc and mobile version.The iOS version of fortnite released in April 2018 while the Android version rolled out in june.But that didn't stop it from making an estimated $2 million per day.After the lunch of season 5 it's makes more than $3 million in one day.
              The same goes for PUBG Mobile ,all the PUBG Mobile players know that how much it is famous till now.I think gamers more interesting to play only PUBG rather than PUBG pc.Although around the world mobile device is more than pc users so it will be the profits to making mobile game.
        Another example for Apex Legends after lunch it makes more market than fortnite not only pc but also in mobile version makes a new market for Mobile.similarly for Blizzard Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft , mobile version of the collectible card game has made more than $660 million since it launched in 2014.Augmented reality made more than $2 billions and more than 500 million players.
       Another way day by day number of mobile game streaming goes high .in mind of streamers many well-known company like Microsoft,Google and now Apple gonna launch their streaming project.

Earning via mobile gaming -

There is not only developers side but also for users side it makes more profitable by showing there skills.In Japan mobile game revenue is expected to hit $6.32 billions in China record mobile game revenues of $4.6 billions in 2017. Similarly India it was made it $1.167 billion from mobile games by end of 2018.


       The mobile games industry is huge and valuable for developer.So in a single word whatever new games and trends come in 2019 it will be fascinate how the mobile gaming industry growing.

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