Saturday, March 30, 2019

New Powerful search engine to beats Google

New Powerful search engine to beats Google

If you're a Blogger or YouTuber then you know a well known a best SEO tools on the internet, then what will be your answer it will be Ahrefs right.who has recently announced to create an search engine to beat Google.According to Ahrefs founder and head Dmitry Gerasimenko on Twitter…
      Ahrefs is working on general purpose search engine to compete with Google. Sounds crazy, right?But lets talk about two huge problems with Google which they will never want to fix:

First one is obviously privacy and it was discussed so much that I will switch to the second one - profit share.Google is making $100B from its search service. Imagine they suddenly implement 90/10 profit share model sending $90B per year to publishers who create content.That could have been quite a different world. Remember that banner on Wikipedia asking for donation every year? Wikipedia would probably get few billions from its content in profit share model. And could pay people who polish articles a decent salary.We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people who can make living by organizing knowledge. In our imaginary world websites might remove their paywalls since they get profit share from serving a good content, and it makes sense to make it convenient so people come back.We've seen how profit share on YouTube made a whole new industry of videomaking for living.So why not Google would not share profit from ads within search results? The answer is the drive for profits to please investors.
By the way, situation is actually even worse than just taking all the profit, Google is showing scraped content on search results page more and more so that you don't even need to visit a website in many cases, which reduces content authors' opportunity to monetize.

According to Dmitry Gerasimenko’s speech Ahrefs has an experience in scanning the internet and good knowledge how search engine works.I think it takes time to be famous over already existing search engines like Google,Bing,DuckDuckGo etc.what you think can Ahrefs makes its own way to becoming no.1 search engine let me know in comment section and share this article to spread knowledge to your friends and family.

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