Thursday, March 7, 2019

PUBG ban on india (Rajkot )

PUBG got ban on this indian states

The online battle royal game player unknown’s battleground or PUBG which is no doubt an additive game right now.In one side PUBG crossing 100 Million gamers, similarly on other side they got BAN from different countries.According yo the administrator they said this game is strongly addictive and harmful.and also this game gives some negative effects on our young youths.there have been a number of accident happened like in Jammu a fitness trainer herm himself after losing a game.that's not only incidents ,same like this many accident happened and the only reason is PUBG addictions.
             Before in China government gives a BAN on PUBG now Indian government will do strike on PUBG.already in Surat government taking steps to BAN this game on there state.On the basis of ann survey Surat government said that “increasing in violation behaviour among the children and young youth.and they found themselves got trapped by this PUBG game” . According to the administrator students were found performing poor on there studies.not only on study they also careless on there physical fitness.
              According to the official report Gujarat Government will going to BAN PUBG on there state.and the later time all the Indian state will follow,for PUBG gamer it will be the bad news.

            what you will think really PUBG going to BAN in INDIAN ? but it's sure that Gujarat will be the first state in India who will going to BAN Players unknown battleground.


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