Sunday, March 10, 2019

PUBG Lite PC Beta soon available on Steam

PUBG Lite PC Beta soon available on Steam

After a long time of wait we have good news for those who have eagerly to PUBG but can't play with their Low end PC. After 2 months of testing now it will available soon on Steam.
            PUBG Lite pc testing starting on 24 January 2019 in various countries like Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines and Thailand.PUBG Lite PC developers release a notice on 9th March 2019 regarding what is new on this pubg lite pc and going to announce on Steam.And they also said that in this notice that “Going forward PUBG Lite will take on new challenge and make new attempts to live by our beliefs.Your feed will provide important guidance for PUBG Lite PC and we read every single feedback thoroughly and analyze the issue reissued as a result ,we were able to come up with some new content and features.
       Also they announced some new Guns that will not available on testing mode’s PUBG Lite pc.The new three guns are :

Beryl M762 (7.62 mm) which will higher rate of fire then AKM and AK47.

Second new Gun will be, MK 47 mutant (7.62 mm).This MK47 mutant will be for mid range with single and Burst mode.

And last one is , SLR(7.62 mm) a DMR (Designated Marksman’s Rifle) which will have high rate of Fire.

            They also introduced 2 new scope - 3X scope and 6C scope attachment and the new Flare Gun and a armored UAZ vehicle. which makes the game whole new Experience for the players. They also said that a new Anti-Cheat system for preventing the cheaters.

             So in a single word PUBG Lite will be more fun to play with advanced weapon and tactic.Let's wait for a big action on PUBG’s field.

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