Thursday, March 7, 2019

PUBG Mobile : conversation BP (Battle Points) to rare gun skins and outfits (New update)

PUBG Mobile : conversation BP (Battle Points) to rare gun skins and outfits
(New update)

Again Tencent Gaming will soon release a new update for PUBG Mobile.
Previous zombie update is amazing for PUBG gamers and now tencent
will gives us a surprise.

          In this update 0.11.1 will bring the ability for players to convert
BP (Battle Points) to UC (Unknown cash).Although Tencen gaming not
announced release date to come this update.

          According to this update players can convert BP to UC that means
players can exchange battle point to rare skins and outfits.But it have some
rules during Bonus Challenge match Novice players will get 15 points per kill,
Adept players will get 30 points per kill and Expert will get 45 points for
each kill.and one point equivalent to one battle point (BP).This challenge
will take place between 60 players per match only top 30 players will be
getting this Battle Points (BP) which will be shown in BP leaderboard. After
collecting this BP you can exchange soon in game shop with your favorite  
gun skins or outfits. According to a rumor that Tencent will also going to
release some subscription packs like “Double Prime” and “Prime Plus”.I think
also this feature will include with this update 0.11.1 .
              So, what you think this update worth it in PUBG Mobile ?
let's me know in comment section .and thanks to all for giving some
time to readout this article.


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