Friday, March 29, 2019

PUBG Mobile no longer has 6-hour restriction

PUBG Mobile no longer has 6-hour restriction

A popular game all over the world is PUBG Mobile which was going through some restrictions in some countries around the India ,for this pubg mobile an unhealthy situations occur due to this government taking some action for ban this game in some states like Gujarat.even after baning this game 10 boy got arrested to play this game in public.For this type of unhealthy situation Tencent introduced a 6 hours play time restrictions for Indian players.
      But now PUBG Mobile recently rolling out that health safety warming features for Indian players,that locked players get account locked after 6 hours of playing .However after releasing some note from pubg dev, that they said that this restriction warning now has been removed with company claims it was a system error.Due to banning in pubg mobile after 6 hours India players talk to multiple forums like Reddit and Twitter to show their disappointment of six hours gameplay restriction.

        It's not clear that if Tencent games has plans of such restrictions in feature or not ad also Tencent game release in that note that they will introduce as a parent control feature.So what you think that restrictions can resist pubg players in India or not ? let me know in comment.

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