Saturday, March 9, 2019

PUBG Mobile Tournament 2019

$2 million dollars tournament on PUBG Mobile

A good news for PUBG Mobile players ,Tencent
and PUBG Corp. will decide to organize Esport
competition all over the world. and most incen
thing is that prize pool will be $2,000,000dollar.
It will be the largest PUBG Mobile tournament all
around the world.
           PUBG Corp and Tencent decided to split
this whole tournament into two part one is Spring
Split and another is Final split. In both split have
there own prize pool.This Tournament name is
“ The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019” and it will
start in 22 March.for the stages detail see bottom
of this article.
         The regions are Japan,South Asia,Europe,
India,Middle East,North America,South America
and South Korea.After compete in own region top
teams from each region will be invited for final of
first split and then for the second split .in second
split their also have some stages for Global Final.
On the first regional qualifier will be awarded some
amount of prize pool.The PUBG Mobile Club Open
2019 will use a scoring method which will be as
similar to other battleroyal game tournament.
Team score decided according their kill per
match and it is one point per kill followed by
that they will gives 30 points for the 1st placed.

          In both split have there own different Stages.
the stages as shown below…

Spring Split

1st Stage - Registration - 8 to 18 Mar.
2nd Stage - Qualifier Round - 22 to 31 Mar.
3rd Stage - Regional Group - 26 Apr. to 5 May.
4th Stage - Regional semifinal - 10 to 19 May.
5th Stage - Regional Final - 20 May to 14 June.
6th Stage - Spring split global - July

Final Split

1st Stage - Registration - Aug.
2nd Stage - Qualifier Round - Aug.
3rd Stage - Regional Group - September
4th Stage - Regional semifinal - October
5th Stage - Regional Final - November
6th Stage - Final Split Global - December

So if  you think you are Pro then don't waste time
just go and register.

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