Friday, March 15, 2019

PUBG Mobile update New gun, Vehicles and more

PUBG Mobile update New gun, Vehicles and more.
Again Tencent decide to up date Their PUBG Mobile game and that update Named as update V0.11.5 .Since the last update on Zombie in PUBG
Mobile, they decided for this update . This update will going amazing for PUBG Mobile users because Tencent’s New gun, vehicle on Sanhok Map and many more exciting features . So let us take a look inside the update V0.11.5…
1.New Gun On Vikendi Map :

As i told you a new Gun will release on Vikendi Map.This gun named G36C rifle with 5.56 mm bullet.This gun will going to replace SCAR-L in Vikendi Map.It is sad for SCAR-L user but don't worry it will be the same like SCAR-L with different type of attachment . And most important it's recoil , it will be as like SCAR-L. This new Gun G36C look like below image.

    2.New exclusives Vehicle on Sanhock :

          A new vehicle will be added on Sanhock map. A-3 wheeler auto-rickshaw getting added in this map. and this 3 wheeler named as Tukshi. Mainly this tukshi can carry only three people at a time. According to me it will not so attractive because. It will not provide safety ride from opponents bullets.

  3.New Dynamic Weather :

        This update will be first time on PUBG Mobile but if you notice on Zombie update a dynamic weather changes was added. But in this Dynamic Weather update getting more realistic look in surround nature wind blow, rain drops sound , sun ray looks more vibrant on this maps like Sanhok,Erangle and Miramar.

So,in a single word this update with New Gun , Vehicle and this Dynamic Weather going rocks for PUBG Mobile Players.This update will probably March 19th with the release of season 6 of PUBG Mobile.

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