Saturday, March 9, 2019

PUBG’s Erangel map will Redesign

PUBG’s Erangel map will Redesign

Since the first day of PUBG this Erangel map has been there.
No changes has been done to this map but now PUBG’s developers
decide to re design this Erangel Map.they said that map will be
remain unchanged in orientation.They decided some new changes
will be done like some building , huts will be placed here and there
on the Erangel Map for make this map more interesting.

          Early they shown this redesign map on PUBG test server.
Players notice that some changes happen on the map.Players think
that some changes happen without notice or update.PUBG Corp.
developers release a notice that it was a test remastered map of
Erangel. and in original map will done some changes on live Game.

       But still not release the date when remastered Erangel map
will publish. They just released on test server demo of this map for
getting feedback from their players. and they also said that in final
map looks different from test map.

        So, let's wait for the release date for some surprise from PUBG Corporation.Thank you all for giving some time to read this article.

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