Thursday, March 14, 2019

Team kill feature is on in PUBG Lite PC

Team kill feature is on in PUBG Lite PC

After two month testing around the South Asia’s different different countries like
Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia , Indonesia , Malaysia, Mayanmar, Laos, Philippines,
Singapore and Thailand, the game will going to release on steam.After getting
feedback from the community for team kill feature the developers had removed this team kill feature For a while.But after some time Tencent again announced that they again active that team kill feature.

           They said that firstly it was hard to control to prevent team kill and because
of this many of the players endure the inconvenience. Let's see what they said
exactly in their notice.

Hello Players,
When we first opened PUBG LITE, we heard feedback from the
community that gameplay was difficult due to the frequent team
kill and because of this many of you had to endure the inconvenience.
The PUBG LITE team hoped to provide you with a smoother
gameplay environment. Therefore, on February 21st, the team
decided to hold a testing period by removing the team kill feature
through weapon or melee attacks.During the testing period,
the amount of team kills decreased significantly however we
saw that it was effecting players’ game strategy and tactics.
One of the fun elements of Battle Royale is the realism of the
battle and by removing the team kill feature this element was
decreased.Additionally, as we have analyzed and sufficiently
prepared countermeasures for users who team kill their teammates
on purpose, we will ending the testing period for the team kill
featureas of March 14th (Thursday).
From now on, we will be taking strong actions toward any users who
are reported for purposely killing their own teammates.
Please cooperate with us to create a healthy gameplay culture
for PUBG LITE. PUBG LITE is going to make various attempts to
make a smooth environment for players to experience the real
Battle Royale. In this process, we may come across some
unexpected issues which may lead to some trial and errors.
However, we will do our best to gather your opinions and with
the data will provide the best gaming environment possible.

        According this notice we clearly seen that the developers trying to make this game more competitive.Now time will said how much it will effect on ingame mode.However some players kill teammates for some toxic now we have to wait for the global Release for more information you can see this it would be helpful.

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