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Best Android Flagship phone April 2019

Best Android Flagship phone (April 2019)

Nowadays out there a tons of various Android Flagship phones on the basis of features, price and even software.You may get confused which should i pick what not.So today we are discussing about best android flagship phone in April 2019.I think you really face a lots of confusion when you find a flagship smartphone and it's true nowadays  a spec sheet and features tablet is not enough to get an idea how good a phone really is.without further delay let's get started and remind that Phones are judged by best overall, best value for money, best camera and best battery.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e

One of the most flagship Android smartphone till now on the market.Not only the features but also in price is high.But at the end of the day is this phone can pass value for money flagship phone in the market, so let's dig into S10 Plus and S10e.
   Features the Snapdragon 855 (or the Exynos 9820, depending on market) latest powerful process makes anything smooth than butter.Upto 12GB of RAM and upto 1TB of ROM brake your storage limit.It's has 6.4 inch AMOLED display with the new Infinity-O display smooth and vivid your colourful world with massive powerhouse of 4100 mAh battery.The powerful next gen Ultra Wide 16MP camera combination with 12MP wide-angle and Telephoto camera lets you fit in each shot.
What it's makes “The Best”
. One of the best overall features flagship smartphone a great mix of features, performance and design.
. The powerful battery can hold upto 1 day Normal use.

Why you should buy
. It have high end hardware and software combination with rich features and battery technology including changing technology.
. As you all know king of display is “Samsung” with can beat any smartphone.

Why you shouldn't buy
. One of the reasons maybe it's much expensive among flagship smartphone.
. And secondly its camera not so high quality as like Google’s pixel series phone.

          If you don't want this type of giant phone but you still want this performance you should check out Galaxy S10e. It's smaller, cheaper in price.


Google Pixel 3 and 3XL

When Google can't make a powerful hardware and software combination phone they think another way to beat Samsung.They making a powerful camera which can easily takeover Samsung S10 Plus.They still holds their single camera in behind but their camera have much update compared to pixel 2 phone.
Let looks some features,it has 2.5GHz snapdragon 845 64 bit octa core processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage and single SIM slot, for this it's makes a huge difference from S10 Plus.6.3 inch QHD display and 3430 mAh of battery with wireless charging support.12.2 MP of rear camera which gonna kill you just amazing high level of photography.Especially for night photography is amazing that means nicely optimized its ISO performance. And they have Motion Autofocus features that can lock your subject even how much subject moves around in video mode. I think this feature is awesome and makes a well features camera phone.

What it's makes “The Best”
. One of the best android camera phone with great optimized camera software and camera features.
. Overall hardware and software facilities not like S10 Plus but can't you be disappointed.

Why you should buy
. Great low light camera phone never compare with other flagship camera phone.
. It's have a Google trust and software support.

Any reason to pass
. As like s10 plus it's also high price.
. Phone doesn't have any headphone jack and if you like double camera in rear it's don't have it.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Limited Edition

If you're looking for every features that you should expect from high end flagship phone in 2019 and which doesn't break your piggy bank definitely you should  go for this phone.let's go through some features.
   The powerful process till now snapdragon 845 with 10GB of RAM and 256GB of storage makes this limited edition more unlimited .This is OxygenOs based on Android 9.0 Pie which gives you some new software facilities with intuitive unlock experience.16 and 20 MP dual rear camera with Optical image stabilization super slow motion,nightscape.A decent 3700mAh battery with fast charging technology.And yes this is 6.41 inch AMOLED display.

What makes it “The Best”
. One of the best value for money Android phone till now in the market.The features and hardware composition which normally found high end flagship phone over $1000 can found in this smartphone.

Why should buy
.High-end hardware at a much lower price compared than S10 Plus and Google pixel 3.

Reason to no buy
. No headphone jack
. Camera are not the best in lowlights but wouldn't disappoint you.


Honor View 20

The Honor View 20 has a lot similar features like Huawei Mate 20 Pro.This Honor View 20 has 2.66GHz Kirin 980 Oct core processor with 6/8GB of RAM With 256GB of storage can't never you out of storage.6.4 inch LTPS capacitive touch display appears high 16.7M colour support.48MP primary rear single camera with 25 MP front facing camera.This phones 4000 mAh battery will last you around two full day on single charge.This phone is much proper and cheaper than Mate 20 that means one more value for money flagship smartphone in this 2019 Market.

What makes it “The Best”
. Another one best value for money phone as like OnePlus 6T.almost same features but less cost compared Mate 20 Pro.

Why you should buy
. More hardware and software features at least price with high battery capacity.
. Punch hole from facing camera is looking amazing notch.

Reason to not buy
. Hard to find support as compared to other smartphone company.


Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is one one of the best Android smartphone you can buy in 2019 and it's under the flagship range. It's slightly similar features as like Honor View 20.But it's curved display with 6.4 inch OLED kills you, just amazing look. Similarly it also kirin 980 octa core processor makes life smooth.It's also has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and it's expanding upto 256GB.24MP of front camera with 3D depth sensing features makes your phone more safety.40MP and 20MP Leica triple camera with autofocus support.A 4200mAh battery with fast 40 watt charging rate. That phone looks so interesting.

What makes it “The Best”
. Its curved display looks different from other flagship smartphone.solid camera fast charging technology and superfast processor.
. Powerful battery backup.

Any reason to pass
. It's much expensive compared to Honour View 20.
. It's UI is not so best much difficult to use.


So that's the phone that makes you daily life much e easy and joyful.If you still confused then read below that make you more confident to choose your need.

. The Best Android phone overall : Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and S10e,Google Pixel 3 and 3XL,Huawei Mate 20 Pro
.The Best Camera phone : Google Pixel 3 and 3XL
. The Best value Android phones : OnePlus 6T, Honor View 20
. The Best phone with battery life : Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

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