Thursday, April 4, 2019

Free video Editing software for Beginners

Free video Editing software for Beginners

Nowadays numbers of Youtubers increases day by day and if you don't have it i think you should start your chanel soon.At the same time you must know about how to edit your video and what is the free video Editing software for beginners.So today we will discuss about some free Video Editing Software which can easily used by 1st time video editor.

OpenShot is one of the best and easy and also free video editor for beginners.OpenShot is an award-winning free and open source software which you can use in your Linux, Mac and Windows also.with this video editor you can create stunning videos,films and animations with easy user interface.
                  Learning to use open shot is easy and you will master in it no time at all.I personally prefer this for beginners.

According to me it will be the second video editor for one more steps from beginning.VSDC is free video editor which was published by Flash-Integro,LLC.The program is tailored for editing digital video and audio files in various formats including high definition and ultra high definition.This VSDC software offering professional post production effect and it also have screen record feature with voice with high quality.I think for beginner youtuber should try this video editor it will be helpful.

One of the best and slightly advanced user interface compared to above two video editor.This shotcut video editor support hundreds of audio and video formats.No import required which means native editing.Plus multi-format timelines, various resolution and frame rates through which you can slow motion your video aslike pro doing in their videos. Also screen record , webcam and audio capture and also have network stream playback features.
           So if you have a little bit of knowledge about video Editing you can download Shotcut video editor.Beginners can also download this but give some time to familiar with this software.

So this are the best full free video editor which you can use for your video editing as a beginner.There are tons of free and paid software but this are more easy to use and one more you can also try Windows movie maker which is preinstalled in Windows if your windows not comes with this you can download it from Windows official site.


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