Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Google gives a replacement it's Inbox app

Google gives a replacement it's Inbox app

Finally google killed its email app Inbox by Gmail on April 2, 2019.Although the Inbox app was fantastic and famous among the users for it's some key features like group message, reminder features etc.If you use iOS based device then you well known about Spark email app right so this Spark app now available for Android base mobile.

This app has smart Inbox features which allows to user customize their inbox according to their needs.It will be like that all unread messages will appear in a single category all read message is another category and you can also set schedule email in this Spark app.It includes another features such as smart notification, quick reply, send later, snoozing etc.

This app is available for free for download in Google Play Store.To give your email a premium looks and features they also have paid plans and it's cost will be Rs 500 per month.Let's check this video what they said.

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