Wednesday, April 3, 2019

PUBG Mobile New Moon Map,Level 4 Armour and more

PUBG Mobile New Moon Map,Level 4 Armour and more

Again PUBG Mobile going to release some new features as the game developers have posted detail around new upcoming update.Really very nice Tencent you find the way how and way players get stuck in your game through 24 hours.According to the developers it will be the 27a patch notice.In this patch we could see a New Moon Map,Level 4 Armour and lots of more new things.
Here are the complete Patch nothing…

New Map The Moon :
The developers said that with the popularity of moonlight weather setting on Vikendi they got some ideas that why not next match in The Moon.some interesting facts about this map
       - PUBG’s biggest map ever it will cover around 3,476 square kilometers.
       - New feature “Zero G” that means zero gravity not totally zero it will be as like in moon.that causes no fall damage and can jump 10x on this moon map.
       - Players in this map will leave footprint.
       - Players will need Oxygen tanks on the moon to alive and survive till end.
       - And the new vehicle the Moon Rover will introduce in this map and the Rovers will be the key to survive on the moon because of the map area will be huge and have to travel far distance to go to the safe zone.
       - For players who truly wanted to continue this game keeps an eye out for survival pass “Cosmonaut”

New Content :

-Added level 4 helmet to the game.
- Added a revenge bomb as loot to all map.what that means it's means that the bomb is held in your inventory after your death it goes active when opponents open for loot it will explode.
- New Vikendi-exclusive weapon “The squirt Gun”
- Increasing squad sizes to a maximum of 20.
- Added new squad transport vehicle the stretch Limousine and Party Bus.
- Screen visibility slightly reduced.

Gameplay Changes :

-Boosts now inflict a slightly % changes to cause your character to suffer a heart attack.Energy Drink 2%,Painkillers 10% and Adrenaline 25%.
- Players now have a chance to injure their arm by accident scooter.
-Added a new win conditions using the pan.

Added Dangerous Wildlife :

They will added dangerous wildlife in to every map simultaneously you have to fight with this wildlife.
-Erangel _ Grizzly Bear
-Miramar_ Jaguar
-Sanhok_ Giant Python
-Vikendi_ Yeti
-The Moon_ Wizards
-Training Camp_ WackyJacky 101

  • Added an option for “Winner Winner Tofu Dinner” for our vegetarian and vegan fans.
  • Thanks to the dedicated work of several fans, “Wadu Hek” is now a selectable language option.
  • Teamed up with WackyJacky101 to add a welcome message to the in-game lobby.
    • Sound will play globally each time a new player loads in.
    • We hope being welcomed to the game each time improves your play experience.

Attachments :

-Now pistol can accept to a 15x scope
-Ingame steps will count towards your daily total
-Added full auto mode to SR weapons like Kar98k,M24 and AWM.
-Players who don't like the idea of killing wildlife stay in the plane and drop into civilization zone.

If you read this whole patch notice and actually you believe it will be true then you get trolled , April fool's.

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