Friday, April 5, 2019

Smart clothes may detect gases

"Smart clothes" may detect gases

Washington scientists have developed an another method to determine presence of gases with the help of a “Smart Clothes”.The researchers of Tufts University in the US claims that the thread can be read visually and even more accurately by using a Smartphone camera.

They also said that  gas detecting threads woven into this smart clothes that could provide a reusable, washable and affordable safety assets in military, madical, workplace, for Fire Brigade and many different places.

A research study describes about the fabric that use in this clothes.The fabric method and it's ability to extend to a wide range of  dyes and detection of complex gas mixtures.not only the fabric it also use an electronic device which is commonly used to detect volatile gases, incorporating of gas detections into textile enables an equipment free readout without needing any specialist.
In this research used a manganese based dyes, MnTPP, methyl red and bromothymol blue to prove that concept.MnTPP and bromothymol blue can detect ammonia while methyl red can detect hydrogen chloride gases commonly release from cleaning supplies, fertilizers and chemical industries and material industry.
Actually clothes colour changes process happens in three steps “traps” the dye in the threads.The thread is first dipped in the dye, then treated with acetic acid, which makes the surface coarser and swells the fiber .Finally the thread is treated with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), which creates a flexible and physical seal around the thread and dye which also can be repels waters for prevents dye from leaching during washing.

Tufts research also said that “The dyes we used work in different ways, so we can detect gases with different chemistries," said Sameer Sonkusale, a professor at Tufts University.
"But since we are using a method that effectively traps the dye to the thread, rather than relying so much on binding chemistry, we have more flexibility to use dyes with a wide range of functional chemistries to detect different types of gases”.

The tested dyes changed colour in a way that is dependent and proportional to the concentration of the gas as measured using spectroscopic methods.In between the precision of a spectrometer and the human eye is the possibility of using smart phones to read out and quantify the colour changes or interpret colour signatures using multiple threads and dyes.
So what you think how much help this clothes gives us let me know in comment.

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