Monday, April 1, 2019

Windows 10 new update

Windows 10 new update

A new features coming after April 2019 update in Windows 10.In Windows 10 build 1903 Microsoft has enable the “Launch folder Windows in separate process” option.After reading this one question is coming in your mind that what is actually mean about Microsoft has enable the launch folder Windows ? So let's understand in easy way.
           Previous when you open a folder and it's stopped responding in Windows and you trying to close it but it would causes that entire desktop gone froze or stopped working right and you need to restart all your setup.But with this new update on April Microsoft says that after this update on Windows 10 you not need to face this issue again.That means each folder you open in file explorer to use its own process and if any one hangs it doesn't affect other folders and even your whole desktop or laptop .you need to just restart that particular folder.
          To active this feature before this update you need to go Folder Options -> Go View tab -> See Advanced settings -> check launch folder windows in a separate process.

         If you doing this update you not need to do above steps it's automatically active this Windows in a separate process.After enable this option you can see it's process in Tasks Manager with all of your open folder windows displayed.

        I think it will be more convenient way this setting is not previously active by default.Other than that it may causes all increasing in memory and cpu usage to additionally proc.What you think this features is makes easy life for PC user's ?.

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