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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Reliance jio Digital tie up with Haptik for AI

Reliance jio Digital tie up with Haptik for AI

Reliance digital service tie up with Haptik to introduce jio new AI features.Reliance holds about 87 percent of shear and rest 13 percent held by Haptik founders.From Director of Reliance jio Akash Ambani said that

“This strategic investment underlines our commitment to further boost the digital ecosystem and provide Indian users conversational AI enabled devices with multilingual capabilities.We believe voice interactive will be the primary mode of interaction for Digital India.We are delighted to announce this partnership , and look forward to working with the experienced team of Haptik”

         Haptik founded in 2013 it is an chat based virtual concierge mobile application.which means in unpresent of customer care this AI can handled their clients for any type of support.And you whose are with this Haptik company like Samsung, Coca-Cola, Future Retail, Tata Group and Mahindra Group.
       Why Reliance, when you already tie up with many big companies then Haptik co-founder Aakrit Vaish answer that

“This investment by Reliance jio offers us a unique opportunity to massively scale up our operations and make a significantly greater impact in the conversational AI will provide us with the resources and the support to develop world class conversational AI technology across both enterprises and consumer product lines”.

There was a profitable deal with both let's see actually what Reliance jio to share with us through this Artificial Intelligence .

Free video Editing software for Beginners

Free video Editing software for Beginners

Nowadays numbers of Youtubers increases day by day and if you don't have it i think you should start your chanel soon.At the same time you must know about how to edit your video and what is the free video Editing software for beginners.So today we will discuss about some free Video Editing Software which can easily used by 1st time video editor.

OpenShot is one of the best and easy and also free video editor for beginners.OpenShot is an award-winning free and open source software which you can use in your Linux, Mac and Windows also.with this video editor you can create stunning videos,films and animations with easy user interface.
                  Learning to use open shot is easy and you will master in it no time at all.I personally prefer this for beginners.

According to me it will be the second video editor for one more steps from beginning.VSDC is free video editor which was published by Flash-Integro,LLC.The program is tailored for editing digital video and audio files in various formats including high definition and ultra high definition.This VSDC software offering professional post production effect and it also have screen record feature with voice with high quality.I think for beginner youtuber should try this video editor it will be helpful.

One of the best and slightly advanced user interface compared to above two video editor.This shotcut video editor support hundreds of audio and video formats.No import required which means native editing.Plus multi-format timelines, various resolution and frame rates through which you can slow motion your video aslike pro doing in their videos. Also screen record , webcam and audio capture and also have network stream playback features.
           So if you have a little bit of knowledge about video Editing you can download Shotcut video editor.Beginners can also download this but give some time to familiar with this software.

So this are the best full free video editor which you can use for your video editing as a beginner.There are tons of free and paid software but this are more easy to use and one more you can also try Windows movie maker which is preinstalled in Windows if your windows not comes with this you can download it from Windows official site.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Google gives a replacement it's Inbox app

Google gives a replacement it's Inbox app

Finally google killed its email app Inbox by Gmail on April 2, 2019.Although the Inbox app was fantastic and famous among the users for it's some key features like group message, reminder features etc.If you use iOS based device then you well known about Spark email app right so this Spark app now available for Android base mobile.

This app has smart Inbox features which allows to user customize their inbox according to their needs.It will be like that all unread messages will appear in a single category all read message is another category and you can also set schedule email in this Spark app.It includes another features such as smart notification, quick reply, send later, snoozing etc.

This app is available for free for download in Google Play Store.To give your email a premium looks and features they also have paid plans and it's cost will be Rs 500 per month.Let's check this video what they said.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Windows 10 new update

Windows 10 new update

A new features coming after April 2019 update in Windows 10.In Windows 10 build 1903 Microsoft has enable the “Launch folder Windows in separate process” option.After reading this one question is coming in your mind that what is actually mean about Microsoft has enable the launch folder Windows ? So let's understand in easy way.
           Previous when you open a folder and it's stopped responding in Windows and you trying to close it but it would causes that entire desktop gone froze or stopped working right and you need to restart all your setup.But with this new update on April Microsoft says that after this update on Windows 10 you not need to face this issue again.That means each folder you open in file explorer to use its own process and if any one hangs it doesn't affect other folders and even your whole desktop or laptop .you need to just restart that particular folder.
          To active this feature before this update you need to go Folder Options -> Go View tab -> See Advanced settings -> check launch folder windows in a separate process.

         If you doing this update you not need to do above steps it's automatically active this Windows in a separate process.After enable this option you can see it's process in Tasks Manager with all of your open folder windows displayed.

        I think it will be more convenient way this setting is not previously active by default.Other than that it may causes all increasing in memory and cpu usage to additionally proc.What you think this features is makes easy life for PC user's ?.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Shanghai becomes world's first district with 5G coverage

Shanghai becomes world's first district with 5G coverage

World's first 5G coverage district is Beijing’s Shanghai claimed on Saturday.In China daily reported that 5G is the next generation of cellular technology with download speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster than 4G network.China mobile officially started the service in Shanghai’s Hongkou on Saturday,where 5G base station had been launched over the three months.
    Another good news for Shanghai people that when it will fully operational the subscriptions did not need to upgrade their SIM cards.China’s telecom giant whose revenue in 2018 crossed $100 billion now it's time to 5G to get this market with high speed connection network.Zhang Tianming deputy director of the Shanghai municipal economic and information commission states that they have an aim to build 10,000 5G base station by end of 2019.and later this figure goes upto 30,000 5G station within 2021.

      In February Shanghai MEIC announced that this 5G network firstly inaugurate in Hongqiao Railway station where 5G user can watch live broadcast of town hall meeting without no buffer and high speed download high resolution movies.But one thing kept in mind to the people's that for using such high speed network connection you need to 5G enable devices.


      So this was the other side of development technology but if you think healthy use of this network is this suitable for health of Shanghai people.Let me know in comment .

PUBG's new game mode is infectious

PUBG's new game mode is infectious The Infection Mode is now rolling out to PUBG MOBILE and it lets players have fun playing ...