Saturday, April 20, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S9 for just $275

Samsung Galaxy S9 for just $275

Since it was a long time to release S9 i think it's nearly 1 year old.We seen some amazing discounts on it but now its gonna huge deep discount.Yes this Samsung Galaxy S9  sold now only $275 in cricket wireless e commerce website.
So how can you get this amazing sell price in just $275.You have to port your mobile numbers to cricket, you can grab a new Galaxy S9 for just $275.Also Samsung itself has this device on sell on price $500 which is twice the price as compared to Cricket Wireless.
One important information is that you can't port your number from AT&T all other carriers are OK.why you can't port because cricket is an AT&T sub brand if you port your number from AT&T you are not allowed for this deal.
The deal says that it is only valid for online sales and runs from now to till May 18, 2019.and they also says that the device may be hold for six months after activation so get the phone 1st then port your number.

And some important features of Samsung Galaxy S9 as your help:

  • Massive Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity display and near bezel-less design
  • Fast octa-core processing power and 4G LTE speed
  • 12 MP rear camera with dual-pixel technology and UHD video, 8 MP front camera
  • Pro-tuned stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Water-resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. IP68 certified.*
  • Up to 64 GB memory with support for up to a 400 GB microSD card
  • WiFi Calling capabl

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Lifetime 2TB Backup Plan at just $60

Lifetime 2TB Backup Plan at just $60

Everyday computer users know how much-needed space in their Desktop or Laptop.If you a gamers or YouTuber or other content creators you know how much important HDD today i telling you a plan which can solve your space problem for lifetime.Not only just HDD space provides but also a high security also matters right.
        With Degoo it's makes easy your space problems to solve.They're introduced a plan know as Degoo Premium : Lifetime 2TB Backup plan.Degoo makes sure you never losing your files even if your computer crash.If you face this crash problem then you know how much important is this to get a storage which can store your files lifetime right.Degoo gives you more space than the free allocation like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.The main features that Degoo gives you
     . Send files easy to friend via email or link shear
     . Backup upto 2TB of data under ultra secure 256-bit AES encryption.More space more secure.
     . Replicate your backup as you perform it giving you extra peace of mind.
     . Perform backup to all of your devices
     . Get more backup space than others free space providers like Dropbox, Google Drive etc
     . Keep your backup files updated automatically with the help of files change detection

System requirements :

. Windows XP or later
. Mac OS X 10.7 or later
. iOS 10 or later
. Android 4.1 or later

Degoo Premium 2TB lifetime features normal cost you around $1200 but now it's offering you just $59.99 .Not only that they also just giving you more which is if you spent $25 they gives you $1. Credit. And most important is that it's just 3 day selling offer just go and grab this.

Friday, April 12, 2019

PUBG in Real Life,Winner to get approx Rs 1 crore

PUBG in Real Life,Winner to get approx Rs 1 crore

Waoo that's crazy really now PUBG not only in phone.Public want it in real life also it's clear that PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends Battle Royal games is not enough into your phone.A perhaps quite bored and as yet unnamed millionaire wants this game in a real life on a private island .This millionaire is offering 45,000 EUR for any gamers who also have experience in organizing large scale events.And if you win £100,000 is yours.

The advertisement published on website and said on this “We are looking for someone who can help to design the arena foo 100 players Battle Royal inspired event”.For this they often referred to as the Amazon for rich people.Another information they gives us that the competition will take place for every 12 hours a day, and battle arena will last for three days.All contestants will be provided with Airsoft guns, ammunition and touch capable body armour for a three day event.They also provide food and shelter for all participants.

It's really exciting for those who wants battle royal in real life.What is your opinion will you join this event or not comment me.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Best Android Flagship phone April 2019

Best Android Flagship phone (April 2019)

Nowadays out there a tons of various Android Flagship phones on the basis of features, price and even software.You may get confused which should i pick what not.So today we are discussing about best android flagship phone in April 2019.I think you really face a lots of confusion when you find a flagship smartphone and it's true nowadays  a spec sheet and features tablet is not enough to get an idea how good a phone really is.without further delay let's get started and remind that Phones are judged by best overall, best value for money, best camera and best battery.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e

One of the most flagship Android smartphone till now on the market.Not only the features but also in price is high.But at the end of the day is this phone can pass value for money flagship phone in the market, so let's dig into S10 Plus and S10e.
   Features the Snapdragon 855 (or the Exynos 9820, depending on market) latest powerful process makes anything smooth than butter.Upto 12GB of RAM and upto 1TB of ROM brake your storage limit.It's has 6.4 inch AMOLED display with the new Infinity-O display smooth and vivid your colourful world with massive powerhouse of 4100 mAh battery.The powerful next gen Ultra Wide 16MP camera combination with 12MP wide-angle and Telephoto camera lets you fit in each shot.
What it's makes “The Best”
. One of the best overall features flagship smartphone a great mix of features, performance and design.
. The powerful battery can hold upto 1 day Normal use.

Why you should buy
. It have high end hardware and software combination with rich features and battery technology including changing technology.
. As you all know king of display is “Samsung” with can beat any smartphone.

Why you shouldn't buy
. One of the reasons maybe it's much expensive among flagship smartphone.
. And secondly its camera not so high quality as like Google’s pixel series phone.

          If you don't want this type of giant phone but you still want this performance you should check out Galaxy S10e. It's smaller, cheaper in price.


Google Pixel 3 and 3XL

When Google can't make a powerful hardware and software combination phone they think another way to beat Samsung.They making a powerful camera which can easily takeover Samsung S10 Plus.They still holds their single camera in behind but their camera have much update compared to pixel 2 phone.
Let looks some features,it has 2.5GHz snapdragon 845 64 bit octa core processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage and single SIM slot, for this it's makes a huge difference from S10 Plus.6.3 inch QHD display and 3430 mAh of battery with wireless charging support.12.2 MP of rear camera which gonna kill you just amazing high level of photography.Especially for night photography is amazing that means nicely optimized its ISO performance. And they have Motion Autofocus features that can lock your subject even how much subject moves around in video mode. I think this feature is awesome and makes a well features camera phone.

What it's makes “The Best”
. One of the best android camera phone with great optimized camera software and camera features.
. Overall hardware and software facilities not like S10 Plus but can't you be disappointed.

Why you should buy
. Great low light camera phone never compare with other flagship camera phone.
. It's have a Google trust and software support.

Any reason to pass
. As like s10 plus it's also high price.
. Phone doesn't have any headphone jack and if you like double camera in rear it's don't have it.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Limited Edition

If you're looking for every features that you should expect from high end flagship phone in 2019 and which doesn't break your piggy bank definitely you should  go for this phone.let's go through some features.
   The powerful process till now snapdragon 845 with 10GB of RAM and 256GB of storage makes this limited edition more unlimited .This is OxygenOs based on Android 9.0 Pie which gives you some new software facilities with intuitive unlock experience.16 and 20 MP dual rear camera with Optical image stabilization super slow motion,nightscape.A decent 3700mAh battery with fast charging technology.And yes this is 6.41 inch AMOLED display.

What makes it “The Best”
. One of the best value for money Android phone till now in the market.The features and hardware composition which normally found high end flagship phone over $1000 can found in this smartphone.

Why should buy
.High-end hardware at a much lower price compared than S10 Plus and Google pixel 3.

Reason to no buy
. No headphone jack
. Camera are not the best in lowlights but wouldn't disappoint you.


Honor View 20

The Honor View 20 has a lot similar features like Huawei Mate 20 Pro.This Honor View 20 has 2.66GHz Kirin 980 Oct core processor with 6/8GB of RAM With 256GB of storage can't never you out of storage.6.4 inch LTPS capacitive touch display appears high 16.7M colour support.48MP primary rear single camera with 25 MP front facing camera.This phones 4000 mAh battery will last you around two full day on single charge.This phone is much proper and cheaper than Mate 20 that means one more value for money flagship smartphone in this 2019 Market.

What makes it “The Best”
. Another one best value for money phone as like OnePlus 6T.almost same features but less cost compared Mate 20 Pro.

Why you should buy
. More hardware and software features at least price with high battery capacity.
. Punch hole from facing camera is looking amazing notch.

Reason to not buy
. Hard to find support as compared to other smartphone company.


Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is one one of the best Android smartphone you can buy in 2019 and it's under the flagship range. It's slightly similar features as like Honor View 20.But it's curved display with 6.4 inch OLED kills you, just amazing look. Similarly it also kirin 980 octa core processor makes life smooth.It's also has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and it's expanding upto 256GB.24MP of front camera with 3D depth sensing features makes your phone more safety.40MP and 20MP Leica triple camera with autofocus support.A 4200mAh battery with fast 40 watt charging rate. That phone looks so interesting.

What makes it “The Best”
. Its curved display looks different from other flagship smartphone.solid camera fast charging technology and superfast processor.
. Powerful battery backup.

Any reason to pass
. It's much expensive compared to Honour View 20.
. It's UI is not so best much difficult to use.


So that's the phone that makes you daily life much e easy and joyful.If you still confused then read below that make you more confident to choose your need.

. The Best Android phone overall : Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and S10e,Google Pixel 3 and 3XL,Huawei Mate 20 Pro
.The Best Camera phone : Google Pixel 3 and 3XL
. The Best value Android phones : OnePlus 6T, Honor View 20
. The Best phone with battery life : Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Vivo Partners with PUBG for PUBG Mobile Open Club 2019, offer $2.5 million as a prize money

Vivo Partners with PUBG for PUBG Mobile Open Club 2019, offer $2.5 million as a prize money

After a substantial amount of controversy in late few months around some countries.Although they going through this controversial situation they find their way out.Even though they have PUBG pc version but according to the players “PUBG Mobile ka maza hi kuch aur hai”.This game just bounded in mobile it's steps in Tournament level.In previous PUBG Mobile Tournament was organized by OPPO mobile with Tencent but now this is more good news for pubg mobile lovers.So let's see what is the news.

              PUBG Mobile is hosting Open Club 2019 esports event with Vivo.This open club esports event offering up to $2.5 million prize money and it will be the heights amount ever so far on PUBG Mobile tournament history.This tournament divide into two stages one is Spring Split and another is global slit.To know more detail information just follow this link.The spring split will taking place in July 2019 and the final split will be around December 2019.

           After a huge contribution from vivo pubg says that "We are excited to partner with Vivo, as they have a strong reputation in being innovative and putting the consumer's needs first. As an innovative brand ourselves, this partnership highlights our dedication to bring the best experience possible to our players and fans around the world. This partnership is just the beginning, we want to continue building a strong portfolio of partnerships with industry-leading companies, such as Vivo, to provide the best mobile gaming experience possible," said Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing Department, Tencent Games.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Smart clothes may detect gases

"Smart clothes" may detect gases

Washington scientists have developed an another method to determine presence of gases with the help of a “Smart Clothes”.The researchers of Tufts University in the US claims that the thread can be read visually and even more accurately by using a Smartphone camera.

They also said that  gas detecting threads woven into this smart clothes that could provide a reusable, washable and affordable safety assets in military, madical, workplace, for Fire Brigade and many different places.

A research study describes about the fabric that use in this clothes.The fabric method and it's ability to extend to a wide range of  dyes and detection of complex gas mixtures.not only the fabric it also use an electronic device which is commonly used to detect volatile gases, incorporating of gas detections into textile enables an equipment free readout without needing any specialist.
In this research used a manganese based dyes, MnTPP, methyl red and bromothymol blue to prove that concept.MnTPP and bromothymol blue can detect ammonia while methyl red can detect hydrogen chloride gases commonly release from cleaning supplies, fertilizers and chemical industries and material industry.
Actually clothes colour changes process happens in three steps “traps” the dye in the threads.The thread is first dipped in the dye, then treated with acetic acid, which makes the surface coarser and swells the fiber .Finally the thread is treated with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), which creates a flexible and physical seal around the thread and dye which also can be repels waters for prevents dye from leaching during washing.

Tufts research also said that “The dyes we used work in different ways, so we can detect gases with different chemistries," said Sameer Sonkusale, a professor at Tufts University.
"But since we are using a method that effectively traps the dye to the thread, rather than relying so much on binding chemistry, we have more flexibility to use dyes with a wide range of functional chemistries to detect different types of gases”.

The tested dyes changed colour in a way that is dependent and proportional to the concentration of the gas as measured using spectroscopic methods.In between the precision of a spectrometer and the human eye is the possibility of using smart phones to read out and quantify the colour changes or interpret colour signatures using multiple threads and dyes.
So what you think how much help this clothes gives us let me know in comment.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Reliance jio Digital tie up with Haptik for AI

Reliance jio Digital tie up with Haptik for AI

Reliance digital service tie up with Haptik to introduce jio new AI features.Reliance holds about 87 percent of shear and rest 13 percent held by Haptik founders.From Director of Reliance jio Akash Ambani said that

“This strategic investment underlines our commitment to further boost the digital ecosystem and provide Indian users conversational AI enabled devices with multilingual capabilities.We believe voice interactive will be the primary mode of interaction for Digital India.We are delighted to announce this partnership , and look forward to working with the experienced team of Haptik”

         Haptik founded in 2013 it is an chat based virtual concierge mobile application.which means in unpresent of customer care this AI can handled their clients for any type of support.And you whose are with this Haptik company like Samsung, Coca-Cola, Future Retail, Tata Group and Mahindra Group.
       Why Reliance, when you already tie up with many big companies then Haptik co-founder Aakrit Vaish answer that

“This investment by Reliance jio offers us a unique opportunity to massively scale up our operations and make a significantly greater impact in the conversational AI will provide us with the resources and the support to develop world class conversational AI technology across both enterprises and consumer product lines”.

There was a profitable deal with both let's see actually what Reliance jio to share with us through this Artificial Intelligence .

PUBG's new game mode is infectious

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